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Glug, Glug, Glug....Ahhhh!!

Nancy Cuellar

This puzzel was created to better understand the concept of water though the eye of biologists. It would included words relating to water's purpose while adding other factors joined together by this life-depended molecule.

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51             52          

4.Measures how acidic or basic a substance is.
6.Number of electrons in a hydrogen atom.
10.Frozen state of water.
11.Water molecules stick to other things.
13.This bond makes water molecules sticky, keep them moving steady, and packs them tightly when frozen.
17.pH higher than water.
18.Average temperature along the ocean.
22.Water molecules climb, pull, and transport from the roots of plants to its leaves.
23.Plants have sides of narrow tudes which the water molecules do what?
24.For water, what doesn't change easily.
26.One level of organization that can do what the previous level cannot.
27.Process as water heats up and turns into steam.
29.Most common acid consumed by people.
31.Water barrier layer.
34.Water molecules stick to each other.
35.How does the body keep our body fluids as in the pH scale?
37.All other frozen substance do this, but not frozen water.
38.Precious substance that is needed for living organism to thrive.
39.A water molecule contains 2 of this atom
40.The fluid in which the solid is dissolved.
41.A fluid that contains a dissolved solid.
44.Important state of solutions of acids and bases.
46.Chemicals that keep pH within normal levels
50.How many electrons does a hydrogen ion have?
51.The solid which is dissolved in the fluid.
52.Number of unique properties of water that contributes to life on Earth.
53.What does water release in the winter?
1.Number of calories needed for a liquid to turn into a gas, vice-verus (two words).
2.The bond that the water molecule is composed of two hydrogen atom bonded to one oxygen atom.
3.Group word for urine, sweat, digested materials.
7.What is need for water to change from a solid to a liquid, vice-verus?
8.Water has a high endurance of "__________ ______________".
9.Emergent Properties #4.
12.What do bases release when dissociated in water.
14.Walks along on top of the water surface.
15.Form that water molecules take when all placed together.
16.Occurs for a moment.
19.Water does what as it freezes.
20.Heated state of water.
21.Ice keeps the water underneath....
25.Level of pH 7.
28.pH lower than water.
30.Water is a solvent that helps an animal to __________ nutrients and waste throughout their bodies.
32.In a polar covalent bond, what is not equally shared.
33.The macromolecule which water does not dissolve in.
34.Every other substance, does this as it freezes.
36.During the summer, water does what in order to store heat and keep temperatures cool.
42.Room temperature of water.
43.The one need atom to create a water molecule.
45.Number of calories needed for a solid to turn into a liquid, vice-verus.
47.Ice is less dense than in liquid for, therefore it ......
48.The state that energy goes through for water to change for a gas to a liquid.
49.Hydrogen ions _______ its electrons.

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