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Jolene Hedges

Clinical Immunology Concepts

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8.____ hypermutation
11.Th2: worm and ___ antigen
13.Type 3 hypersensitivity
14.gp120, _____ protein
15.Process makes the antigen more desirable to a macrophage
20.Dendritic cell covered in Fc receptors
22.Increases blood flow and blood vessel permeability
24.Th1: bacterial and ___ antigen
26._______ viruses are no longer capable of causing disease in humans after being passed through several other species
29.T cell attacks tissue graft
32.Stop, drop, and roll proteins
33.This therapy is contraindicated for transplants
39.Most common type of chronic inflammation
41.Beta cells killed in this disease
42.Innate cascade
43.They don't care who they get their electrons from
44.Accopanies cDNA into nucleus
46.Like student's before the quarter begins, B cells do this (2 words)
47.Leaves you feeling itchy
1.hormone of the immune system
2.Stores energy and contains macrophages
3.Born with it, non-specific
4.Type of antibody test
5.Found in tears
6.T cell matures here
7.IgA gut structure
8.____ antigens bind outside the MHC
9.Involved in antigen presentation
10.Live to eat
12.IgA is found in
16.Makes you all hot and bothered
17.Cells that secrete antibodies
18.Cellular trafficking
19.Found on eosinophils and mast cells
21.Hey Tcell, this is dangerous!
23._____ cells are terminated in the bone marrow
25.First on the scene, first to die
27.Two vesicles fuse and denature DNA
28.Poke holes in everything, but self (2 words)
30.Only __ antigen presenting cells can express costimulatory signals
31.NK hole poking protein
34.Get me outta this vessel!
35.parasites beware of this immunoglobulin
36.Describes IgM's structure
37.IgG is known to cross the____
38.What's in the bun?
40.You'd be living in a bubble without it
45.Means you have allergies to just about everything

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