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Inventors and Inventions

Jonathan Taylor

1         2       3 4 5 6 7
8                 9                        
      11 12      
15                             16      
18 19                       20  
22 23                        
24             25                  
    26                     27

1.He invented the safety pin.
8.Robert Fulton made the ______.
9.He invented the portable calculator.
15.He invented Coca-Cola.
16.Richard Drew invented something sticky and useful, it is ______.
19.He made the laser.
21.He made the arc light.
23.Charles Wheatstone invented ______.
24.Robert Ledley invented the ______.
25.John Lynott invented the ______.
26.He invented the lightbulb. (2 words.)
28.William Goddard invented this device for holding information.
29.Charles Goodyear invented this process.
30.Ivan Sutherland invented this computer program.
2.This woman made Barbie.
3.Philo T. Farnsworth invented the _______.
4.Ivan Getting invented the ______.
5.He invented the Internet.
6.Louis Tiffany was famous for this typr of artwork.
7.He invented sliced bread.
10.These people invented airplanes.
11.He invented the automoblie.
12.This person invented liquid paper.
13.Gideon Sundback made the ______.
14.In colonial times people made fabric on this.
17.He made the epsicle (popsicle).
18.He invented Mortimer Mouse.
20.Ferdinand Zepplin invented this.
22.Richard Trevithick vented the steam powered ______.
27.This comapny made Pac-Man.

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