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Life Science Vocabulary

Theresa Rosa

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1.worm like stage in the life cycle of an insect
5.an organism in the food chain that breaks down the remains of dead organisms
7.characteristics that develop as an organism interacts with its environment
9.the path of energy in an ecosystem
11.a series of overlapping food chains
12.changes in shape and form some organisms go through durng their life cycles
13.an animal that hunts down other animals
15.the environment in which an animal or plant lives
19.traits passed from parent to offspring
20.a group of one type of an organism that can mate and produce offspring
21.an animal that is hunted down and eaten by other animals
23.any material that an organism needs for survival
25.a physical adaptation in which animals blend with or are hidden by the environment
26.an organism, such as a plant, that can make its own food
27.an animal that eats both plants and animals
28.an area where living organisms interact with each other and nonliving things in the environment
2.the process by which organisms produce offspring and ensure survival of a species
3.the chyrsalis stage of a butterfly
4.actions that develop as an organism interacts with the environment
6.no longer living
8.carbon dioxide-oxygen cycle
10.the role or job ofan organism in an ecosystem
14.the cycle in which nitrogen gas is changed into forms of nitrogen that plants can use
16.stages of development an organism goes through as it grows and develops
17.a trait that helps an organism survive and reproduce
18.an animal that only eats other animals
22.the number of organisms of a prticular species in a community
24.a feature of an organism

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