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Chapter 2 - Mollusks, Arthropods and Echinoderms

Ms. Vincent

Vocabulary review

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3.Resembles the adult, but has no wings.
9.Help an echinoderm in movement and obtaining food.
10.Octopus, squid or nautilus.
13.Metamorphosis in which the animal goes through four dramatically different phases.
15.Hind section of an arthropod's body that contains some organs.
16.Organ that removes oxygen from water.
18.Stage in which an insect changes from a larva into an adult.
19.Animal that eats only plants.
21.It's name means "jointed legs".
25.Sea star, sea cucumber, or sea urchin.
27.Arthropod that has two or threee body sections, five or more pairs of legs, and two pair of antennae.
28.Process in which an animal's body undergoes dramatic changes in form during its life span.
30.Flexible ribbon of tiny teeth in mollusks.
31.Arthropod with three body sections, three pairs of legs, one pair of antennae and usually one or two pairs of wings.
32.Waxy, waterproof outer shell that protects an invertebrate.
33.System of fluid-filled tubes in an echinoderm's body.
34.Arthropod with two body sections, four pairs of legs, and no antenna.
35.Study of how organisms interact with their environment.
1.Invertebrate with a soft, unsegmented body - most have a hard shell.
2.Appendage on the head of an animal that contains sense organs.
4.Process of shedding an outgrown exoskeleton
5.Chemical designed to kill a pest animal.
6.Type of metamorphosis in which an egg hatches into a nymph before becoming an adult.
7.Mollusk with a single shell or no shell at all.
8.When the heart pumps blood into open spaces in the body and is not confined to blood vessels.
11.Birds, bees, wind, rain and sometimes other animals.
12.Organism that breaks down wastes and dead organisms.
13.Organism that obtains energy by feeding on other organisms.
14.Series of events in which one organism eats another in order to obtain energy.
17.A natural predator released to combat an insect pest.
20.Clam, oyster, or scallop.
22.An internal skeleton.
23.A plant is one.
24.Animal that eats only other animals.
26.Where an insect's wings and legs are attached.
29.Animal that eats both plants and animals.

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