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Nature of Science

Marina Brochin

2     3                              
7                               8          
  9                 10            
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  14     15    
18                               19

2.A factor that can be changed separately, or independently
4.To look at
5.The use of scientific knowledge to solve problems or engineer new products, tools, or processes
7.A habit of mind that involves considering new ideas for solving problems
8.A set of widely accepted explanations of oberservations and phenomena
9.Inquiries that are done outside a laboratory
10.A guess of what might happen in the future
11.The actions that make up an inquiry; these usually include asking questions, determining what is known, investigating, interpreting results, and sharing information
17.The rules or standards governing the conduct of a person or the members of a profession
18.To agree to participate in an experiment
20.Data results
1.A factor that can be changed separately or independently
3.A set of experimental trials in which the effects of changes to an independent variable are tested
6.A method of analysis that depends on logic and reasoning
12.A set of experimental trials in which all variables are kept constant; used for comparison in an experiment
13.The act of doubting and questioning
14.A place for scientific work
15.A tentative explanation for an observation or phenomenon
16.The process of doing an experiment
19.A representation of an object or process

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