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Physical Science

Ms. Herbelin

Physical Science Crossword

1 2 3         4 5
8               9    
    10                   11          
  13               14
16                 17     18            
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      22                     23      
    24 25                        

2.His principle has to do with pressure
8.This state of matter has a definite volume but not a definite shape
10.The expansion of matter as it is heated
12.The result when you multiply mass times velocity
13.The result when you divide distance by time
16.They type of energy that is stored.
18.when vaporization happens on and below the surface of a liquid
22.A place or an object used for comparison to determine if an object is in motion.
24.A change in velocity
27.The change of state from a gas to a liquid
28.The temperature scale on which there is no negative temperature
29.The force that pulls objects toward Earth.
31.A material that does not allow heat or electricity to flow freely through it
32.The heat transfer in which there is contact of the particles, but not movement
1.A measuer of the force of gravity on an object,
3.His principle has to do with buoyancy and displacement
4.having to do with the first step in the scientific method
5.The maximum velocity an object can achieve
6.A substance that can flow and easily change shape
7.The type of heat transfer that takes place through an open space and having to do with electromagnetic waves.
9.His principle has to do with flight
11.The temperature at which no more energy can be removed.
14.The amount of mass in an object
15.Heat transfer caused by the rising of a heated fluid and the sinking of a cooler fluid
17.A push or a pull
19.The type of energy that has to do with motion.
20.The average kinetic energy of all of the particles of matter in a subtance
21.On the Fahrenheit scale this is 32 degrees
23.The tendency of an object to resist a change in its motion
25.The final step in the scientific method.
26.This state of matter has a definite volume and a definite shape
30.The particles in an substance in this state of matter are the most disorganized

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