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Physical Science Vocabulary

Theresa Rosa

Physical science for 5th grade

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3.a state of matter in which the molecules are tightly packed together
6.the way in which light and sound energy travel
11.a type of mixture in which the ingredients are thoroughly mixed together
12.the measure of the pull of gravity on an object
14.a collection of materials in which the materials do not join together
17.the bouncing of light from a surface, mirror
19.the state of matter that has a definite volume and takes the shape of the container it is placed in
21.the amount of matter in an object
23.a change that occurs in a substance that cannot be reversed
25.material that prevents energy from traveling through it
26.anything that has mass and takes up space
27.the ability to do work; the ability to cause change and make things happen
1.a state of matter in which the molecules are very far apart
2.an object used to refract light
4.a resource that cannot be used up (wind, sun, water)
5.a push or a pull on an object
7.a form of energy in which vibrations can be heard
8.the back-and -forth movement of an object that produces sound
9.the units that make up matter in its solid, liquid, or gas forms
10.a tool used to determine if an object has magnetism
13.the tendency of a moving object to keep moving or a still object to remain at rest
15.the bending of light as it passes through objects
16.change in an object's position
18.the force between poles of magnets
20.a force that opposes, or acts against, motion when two surfaces rub against each other
22.material that allows energy to travel through it easily
24.a closed path through which electicity travels

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