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Science Challenge Crossword Puzzle Competition 2005


1 2
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8             9            
  11                     12  
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5.How many type/s of "system" are there in our body have?
6.I work like any blood type. I am welcome by any "body" but not the rest (Other blood type).
7.In the past, diseases are analyzed/studied/treated at a very "Macro" level but due to breakthroughs such as Human genome project and etc. Now most of the disease causing agent or disease as a whole's ___________ mechanism is also very intensive studied for better treatment/cure.
8.___________ is the part of the Nonspecific Resistance of our body's Immune that prevent pathogens from colonizing our body by various means such competition of nutrients and etc.
11.Swollen __________ is one of the key symptoms and sometime one will complain about him/her having "Pain in the neck". It is seen as a Sign in which is commonly caused by bacterial/viral infections.
18.__________ can be one of trigger of an allergic reaction such as hay fever
19.What is commonly seen in a person experiencing a serious allergic reaction?
20.There is no _____ "receptor" in the brain.
24.A method such as ___________ has been used for more than a decade to help couples facing problems reading infertility.
25.B. Name 1 type of probiotics used and mass produced in the industry
1.Japanese loved to have me as their meals but I can help in other ways such study of genetic diseases rather than just plain "digestion".
2.___________ is common medical device used to revive patients/casualty who suffers from cardiac arrest.
3.It is a organ that plays in a major role in regulation of body temperature
4.________ is a type of drug used in the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson Disease
9.___________ is a medical device that serves similar purpose such as an ultrasound to monitor the growth and etc of the fetus during pregnancy.
10.__________ is required to convert essential amino acids into other non-essential amino acids for the body
12.Computerized__________ (CT) scan is a formed of conventional biomedical diagnostic tool.
13.Doctors use such bio medical device is to analyze the activity of heart
14.A. Name 1 type of probiotics used and mass produced in the industry
15.If you happen to find someone that gives you a "fruity" smell, what is the most possible disease which he/she might suffer from?
16.What is the known strongest bond in biological beings?
17.Nurses need to ensure that they press the plunger and small amount of content in barrel gushes out of the syringe to prevent __________ before injecting the patient.
21.Surprisingly, _______ as one of the cancer-causing agent for lung cancer yet it helps to prevent Parkinson disease.
22.It is a drug that plays similar role of a "Panadol" and make the blood "thinner" which is usually taken by patient who suffers from heart disease.
23.Biggest Organ in your body

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