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Science Terms to Know

Mrs. Leathers & Mrs. Bingham

Science Vocabulary for TCAP Practice

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1.The changing of agas into a liquid
6.a lens that is thicker at the edges than at the middle. As it curves inward, it spreads light rays apaprt, making images appear smaller
8.A living part of an ecosystem
9.the pull or attraction between objects
10.any of a group of gymnosperms that produces seeds in cones and have needles for leaves
12.a force that opposes the motion of one object moving past another
14.a lens that is thicker at the middle than at the edges. it makes images appear larger
18.a scientist who studies rocks
20.Atoms linking together in a new way to create a new substance; ex. rusted metal
21.One celled living things that have no nucleus; causes infections
23.the immature plant inside a seed
24.the role an organism plays in its community
26.Animal that eats another animal
27.the food making process fro plants
28.Substance that tastes sour and turns blue litmus paper red
30.stored energy
31.Green chemical in plant cells for making food
33.the passing of heat through a material
34.a resource that can't be replaced
36.an organism produced by the crossing of parents that have different forms of the same trait
37.a relationsjip in which one organism lives in or on another organism and benefits, while the other animal is harmed
38.A rock formed when melted rock material cools and hardens
39.a puffy cloud that appears to rise up from a flat bottom
40.An animal with no backbone
41.A fuel formed from the decay of ancient forms of life
43.A particle in the space outside the nucleus and has a negative charge
47.A characteristic that enables a living thing to survive in its environment
49.The smallest unit of an element that retains the properties of that element
50.A seed plant that produces flowers
51.Mildew, mold, and mushrooms can be found in this kingdom
52.a layer of permanently frozen soil found in the arctic
53.a measure of how tightly packed the matter in an object is
54.To prevent heat or cold from passing through; ex. coat
55.a structure containing egg cells; the base of a pistil in a flower
56.All the living and nonliving things in an environmnet, including their interactions
57.a plant that loses its leaves each fall
2.A nonliving part of an ecosystem
3.An animal that eats plants
4.The energy of any moving object
5.Hot, molten rock deep below Earth's surface
7.to place things that share properties together in groups
11.an animal that eats both plants and animals
13.A mixture where different particles can be seen
15.a particle in the nucleus of an atom and has no charge
16.A rock formed from heat and pressure from another rock
17.magma that reaches Earth's surface
19.The slow changing of a liquid into a gas
21.Upward push of a liquid on an object placed in it; ex. wood in water
22.An adaptation where an animal is protected from predators due to its resemblance to another unpleasant animal
25.relationship between two kinds of organisms benefits one without harming the other.
29.where cold air moves in under a warm air mass
31.A high altitude cloud with a feather like shape made of ice crystals
32.The state at which a substance changes from a liquid to a gas
35.Contains chlorophyll
37.the transfer of a pollen grain to the egg-producing part of a plant
42.the path of a planet traveling around a star
44.The average pattern of a region
45.A seed plant that does not produce flowers
46.An adaptation that an animal uses to protect itself by blending in with the environment
48.the tendency of a moving object to stay in motion

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