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Shoreline Erosion and Deposition

Renae Osborne

Words associated with shoreline deposits and erosion.

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2.column remaining after erosion of mainland
6.breaking waves
7.all material carried and depostied by glaciers
11.most common till deposit
15.exposed sandbar connected to shoreline
16.sudden and rapid movement of material downslope
19.steepest angle at which loose material will not slide downslope
22.underwater exposed ridge of sand
24.mounds of wind deposited sand
25.skipping,bouncing movement of sand sized particles
26.time between breaking waves
1.formed when waves erode and undercut rock producing steep slopes
3.jagged ridges formed between cirques
4.South Padre is one of these
5.extremely slow mass movement downslope
6.place where land and water meet
8.bowl like depression formed when glacial ice cuts into mountain walls
9.forms after erosion of sea cave cuts through completely
10.huge continuous mass of ice;Antarctica
12.current that travels near and parallel to shoreline
13.unsorted rock material depostied by ice when it melts
14.glacier formed in mountainous area
17.removal of fine sediment by wind
18.groups of waves
20.sharp pyramide shaped peaks formed when cirque glaciers erode
21.rapid movement of a large mass of mud
23.area of shoreline made up of material deposited by waves

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