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Science Review

William Hempy

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1.A substance that is this cannot have water pass through it.
8.The ability for water to pass through a material
10.Land that runs into a river
13.Elevated ridges along the river bank.
14.The area below the water table.
16.This seperates one from another(high land)
17.Water held underground
18.A line that it used to show elevation
19.A former meander seperate from the river
2.The breakup of rocks by physical forces
3.A broad river curve which forms a flood plain.
4.A layer of permeable rock with transmits water to the zone of saturation.
5.A device placed in the ground to draw water up to the surface.
6.A dot on a map used to show specific elevation.
7.The breakup and transport of earths materials by natural causes
8.The amount of space between materials.
9.The area above the water table.
11.Sediment pulled along the bottom of a river
12.A valley floor where a river overflows due to high water.
15.top of the reigon that is saturated or completely filled with water is called this.

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