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All about Water

Barbara Burke

1 2
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6                     7 8
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24     25  

3.anything that takes up space and that can be weighed
6.the process where a liquid turns into a vapour
11.a way of purifying a liquid
13.changing from a liquid to a gas
15.squeeze into a smaller space
17.changing directly from a solid to a gas
20.a substane containing dissolved material
21.movement of partilces in a solid
23.changing frfom a solid to a liquid
24.matter that has a fixed volume and a fixed shape
1.changing from a liquid to a solid
2.changing from a gas to a liquid
4.matter that has no fixed volume and no fixed shape
5.matter that has a fixed volume but no fixed shape
7.the qualities of a substance that make it different from other substances
8.a way of separating a solid from a liquid
9.the curved upper surface of a liquid in a tube
10.the process where a gas moves
12.gaseous form of water
14.the process where a solid spreads evenly through a liquid
16.a tiny piece of matter
18.how much matter is packed into a set volume
19.fourth state of matter
22.increase in size
25.solid form of water

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