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Becoming a Webelos

Mrs. Merrill

Completing this puzzle will help you get ready to be a Boy Scout.

1 2         3
4             5    
9         10           11
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16   17         18  

2.keeping yourself physically ____ means taking good care of your body
4.a code to follow when outside
6.giving aid to other people you prove yourself a Scout
8.it is good to practice this when outdoors
9.a responsibility you have to be a good family member and citizen
10.this badge shows you are on the trail that leads from Cub Scouting to Boy Scouting
12.use this hand to make the Scout handshake
14.the Scout handshake is offered as a token of _______.
17.In the Scout sign, your thumb and little finger touch to represent the bond that unites Scouts throughout the ________.
19.number of points in the Scout Law
20.another word to describe the way to treat public and private property with respect
21.if you learn all you can, are curious and ask questions you will stay mentally _____
22.stash your _____ in the appropriate receptacle when outdoors
23.live your life with homesty and be clean in your speech and actions to be morally _____
24.Consists of a Webelos neckerchief and a blue or tan shirt
1.when you have finished using a fire check to be sure it is _________.
2.the scout _______ is "Do a Good Turn daily."
3.each point in the Scout Law is a ___ for every Scout.
5.wear your uniform to all of these projects which help people
7.scout motto
11.you give this each time you recite the Scout Oath and Law
12.do your best to live up to the Scout____
13.true or false: you may wear your uniform when you participate in a political demonstration
15.this means you are always ready to do your duty and to face danger, if necessary, to help others
16.this is an extra act of kindness you go out of your way to do
18.shown by the Scout salute.

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