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Cultural Issues

Nichole Miller

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6.the specific cultural aspects of an individual or group that derives from another national cultural heritage
7.assumption of common characteristics to all people in a defined group
11.a group of people connected by common descent and having some common physical characteristics
13.common to all cultures ie. Degree of hierarchy or gender segregation
14.Performance level now slips below normalAdjustment may become difficult due to factors such as not finding a job; financial depletion; race and accent being perceived as different (racism/discrimination)
15.factors which lead people to leave a country
16.Family begins to feel less alien and more as though they belong to the country
17.An approach that refers to the culturally-sensitive interpersonal communication process.
19.Both the giver and receiver are in a transaction where each person is affected and changed by the transaction
20.the specific cultural aspects of an individual or group that derives from another national cultural heritage
1.Performance level is above normal due to trying to fit into the new environment
2.A belief that traits are determined by biology, races are distinctly different,some races are inherently superior to others and therefore have a right to dominate
3.Curve of performance varies slightly up (euphoria) and down (overload) while the person prepares for the move. Ups and downs are normal preparatory to emigration.
4.An awareness of policies and languages that include full participation by all.
5.The process by which someone consciously or unconsciously observes that certain behaviours of others are different than their own, and evaluates them negatively or positively
8.is unique to a specific culture ie. Communication patterns – eye contact vs. indirect eye contact
9.work based on a philosophy or political policy that permits or encourages ethnic variation
10.factors which attract immigrant people to receiving countries
12.cultural norms about the physical distance that people like to be apart from one another when communicating in various situations – intimate, personal, social and public. This will be discussed in more detail when we talk about cross-cultural communication
18.the language, beliefs, values, norms, behaviours, and even material objects passed on from one generation to the next.

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