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Sociology - Important Terms

Ms. Linklater

Introductory to Sociology - Important Terms

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4.The struggle between the powerful and powerless groups in society (2 Words)
9.The gap between rich and poor (2 Words)
11.The branch of sociology that studies society as a whole and analyses how the parts of a society should work to achieve stability and well-being for all members
12.The stages through which societies must go as they experience change (2 Words)
1.The distinct ways in which girls and boys are commonly socialized (2 Words)
2.The branch of sociology based on the work of Karl Marx that studies how humans compete for scarce resources (2 Words)
3.The study of society's customs, institutions, and laws, and their interactions (2 Words)
5.The branch of sociology that focuses on the beliefs and actions of individuals and the meanings that individuals give to their beliefs and actions (2 Words)
6.Large, highly-structured organizations that tend to function in an impersonal manner
7.Characteristics that can be observed in every human culture and society, such as ethics, gestures, and superstitions
8.The belief that society can only be understood by rigidly applying the scientific method of analysis
10.The belief that society has a natural tendency to find a balance between forces of change and forces of stability

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