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The Sun and Other Stars

Eric Alberty

Read the clues to solve the crossword puzzle.

1 2
    3 4
8 9 10 11                   12  
  13                 14   15
        16   17            

5.The Sun and most stars that you can see at night are _____ _____ stars.
6.These stars are hot but very small. (2 words)
7.Our solar system is in this galaxy. (2 words)
11.The constellation Ursa Minor is also called this. (2 words)
13.Before ending as a neutron star or black hole, a large star may blow itself apart in this.
16.The constellation Ursa Major is also called this. (2 words)
19.The ______ of white light contains red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.
1.A ball of gases that gives off heat and light.
2.Stars that we see in patterns in the night sky.
3._____ stars are the coolest stars (hint...it's a color)
4.Cloud of gas and dust in space.
8.These are dark, cooler areas on the Sun's surface.
9.The ______ magnitude of a star is its actual brightness.
10.The brightness of a star as seen from Earth is called the star's ______ magnitude.
12.This type of galaxy has a rounded shape.
14.This type of galaxy usually has one or more spiral arms.
15.The hottest part of the Sun.
17.Huge collection of stars, gas, and dust that travel together through space
18._____ stars are the hottest stars (hint...it's a color)

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