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Nautical Terms

Ship's name _______________________________________

2 3 4 5  
7 8   9          
  10         11          
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16 17   18      
19     20
21         22   23            

6.One side of a ship above the waterline
8.The front of a ship
10.A person who steers a ship
12.The extension of keel at the forward end of a ship
14.The tallest mast on a ship
15.The rear part of a ship
16.A large winch with a vertical axis
21.Any regularly scheduled ship carrying passengers
23.The second sail up a mast
24.zig-zagging so as to sail directly towards the wind
25.The central structural basis of the hull
26.A shallow-draft, lightweight boat
1.A partial deck, above the upper deck and at the head pf the ship
2.A triangular staysail at the front of a ship
3.A ship's steering mechanism
4.The lower part of the interior of a ship's hull
5.The system of masts and lines on ships
6.The stand on which the ship's compass is mounted
7.Towards the stern of a ship
9.A type of boat traditionally used for carrying cargo or passengers on rivers and canals in England
11.A document listing the cargo, passengers, and crew of a ship
13.A vertical pole on a ship which supports sails or rigging
17.A cry to draw attention
18.Navigational instrument used to measure a ship's latitude
19.Material used for caulking hulls
20.Large rope used for mooring or towing a ship
22.The aft wall of the stern

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