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Soccer Terminology


Terms used in a game of soccer

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5.taken from 12 yards from goal due to a foul
9.player from the other team
12.to get the ball to another player
13.when the defending teamkicks the ball over the endline
15.players that play up front
20.official in charge of the game
21.player on the bench
22.type of move to beat an opponent; stepping over the ball
24.attempt at goal by an attacker
25.players that try to prevent goals
27.# of seconds the goalie has to release the ball
29.type of kick taken after a foul is called
32.what is kicked
33.goalie kicking the ball
35.playing the ball with the skull
37.must be worn to protect the lower leg
40.player that protects the goal
41.marks each corner of the field
42.goalie stopping the ball from a shot
1.type of kick to get the ball high in the air
2.players that play in the middle of the field
3.play the ball from the outside to in front of the goal
4.illegal touching of the ball
6.the game is started with a ___________
7.players that play on the outside
8.type of pass; give and go
10.to maintain control of the ball
11.# of yards the defenders must be away from a free kick
14.type of illegal play where one is kicking at the ball while on the ground
16.to move the ball with your feet
17.tripping, pushing, or holding
18.offensive player illegally behind the defenders
19.worn by players to distinct themselves from the other team
23.part of the foot used to pass the ball accurately
26.hiding the ball for an opponent
28.when the attacking team kicks the ball over the endline
31.player runs behind another to create scoring opportunities
34.to put the ball in play from out of bounds on the touchline
36.type of kick to score by using you legs over top of you
38.type of move; letting the ball go between your legs off a pass
39.part of shoe to used to strike the ball hard
40.players strive to get this

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