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Sports Version 1: the ultimate test of knowledge


1 2         3   4 5         6     7
8                   9       10    
  11               12   13 14      
  15 16     17                
18                 19       20       21           22    
    23                 24   25     26     27   28 29    
30           31                  
32                   33           34          
36           37   38            
  39     40     41      
42       43         44 45 46        
            47 48          
49                 50     51    
          52             53
54 55             56      
57                 58             59      
61                 62                 63
  65               66 67                 68     69 70
72                           73 74         75       76
        77           78        
    79 80 81 82       83         84          
  85 86                     87          
              88                 89  
90                           91          
          92                 93           94  
95                               96   97  
      98   99     100       101      
102                   103           104 105            
        106         107          
  108                 109                  
  110           111   112      
    114           115 116      
117               118         119        
121         122      
123                             124      

2.coach who took the eagles to a super bowl in the 80s
4.beckham's new team
6.number of golf majors each year
8.turkey's baskteball star in the US
9.home of the cruelest fans in the US
11.torre's new team
13.movie coming soon called invictus (what sport?)
17.only counts for two (nfl)
18.third most touchdowns in an nfl career
19.won first two superbowls
21.babe ruth's first team
23.redsox player whose error cost them a world series
25.famous at chapel hill (old)
28.Lebron's sponsor
30.first saben now miles
31.ex raider; new volunteer
32.baseball player suspended from mlb for gambling
33.owens caught many touchdowns from him
34.recent nba finals loser
35.named finals MVP but his team lost
36.3 goals in a game
38.signals start ofa new round
40.home to LA
42.served in the navy before basketball
46.18 pars in a round
47.most college football wins alltime
49.bad stat (nba)
50.block that ____
52.1996 was their first
55.golf hazard
56.coached by coach K
57.wade's alma mater
58.hosts the masters
61.AI's team for a few days
62.aka the bolts
65.qb and rb's reward
67.college football team to score the most points in a single game
68.most years without a championship (any sport)
72.nickname for the free throw line
73.federer's rival
77.he played tennis, son plays for the chicago bulls
82.recently made a movie about him
84.famous yankees closer
86.nicknamed lefty; tiger's rival
88.state whose teams share a stadium (football)
90.AI could only beat them once
91.he made the shot at the _____ to win it
92.tiger's alma mater
93.football team affected by Katrina
95.nicklaus's nickname
96.grand ____
98.farve's first team
102.ewing's alma mater
105.one too many steps while dribbling
106.spanish lefty (nba)
107.wears the headgear on gameday
108.nickname was concrete charlie
109.golfer with drink named after him
110.set olympic record for most olympic golds
112.infamous corked bat
113.current college coach, past pro coach, past college coach, nfl qb, past heisman winner (chronological order)
114.jordan's other wingman
116.phillies beat them recently in the world series
117.won 2009 stanley cup
118.most touchdown in an nfl career
119.bear bryant's school
120.took over for montana
121.major sponsor of the british open
122.pau's brother
123.10pts, 10reb, 10asts, 10blcks in a game
124.100 point game
1.football dynasty of the 70s
3.team eliminated on Tierry Henry's hand ball
5.beat jim brown in tennis as a kid
7.young spanish basketball phenom yet to play in the US
10.only perfect game in the world series
11.rex ryan preaches this on his teams
12.winner of last world cup
14.women's basketball champions 2009
15.tnt announcer
16.way to winning a boxing match
20.all time leading nfl rusher
22.ray lewis's alma mater
24.jordan's wingman
26.superman (new)
27.runningback's mistake
29.quarterback's mistake
33.aka chucky
37.wade's old sponsor
39.won recent back to back ncaa basketball championships
41.hockey games are divided into three _____
43.nuggets player with one name
44.known as the purple people eaters
45.hansborough's alma mater
48.point guards get a lot of these
51.john calipari's new team
53.huge QB bust last decade
54.name of the "qualifying" tour in golf
59.one under on a hole
60.black disc on the ice
63.famous bowl in california
64.one of the ACC powerhouses (basketball)
66.baseball's worst record this year
69.famous Tennessee coach (women's basketball)
70.two under on a hole
71.basketball advantage
72.TO's alma mater
74.who home run record did barry bonds finally break
75.pac10 powerhouse (football)
76.guards the net
77.most championships (baseball)
78.most ncaa basketball wins as a coach
79.system that determines the national championship game
80.brady's rival
81.only other player besides MJ to average 25 pts and 5 asts in rookie year
83.america's team (football)
85.only counts for three (nfl)
86.possible future opponent for pacquiao
87.current US favorite in tennis
89.nicknamed "JaBust" by his fans
93.became the thunder last year
94.famous ncaa basketball announcer
97.famous boxer; now ill
99.won many tour de france
100.led jets to a superbowl
101.went more than 15 years between completing a pass to himself
103.other team in LA
104.defeated by pacquiao
110.famous brazilian star
111.currently ranked number 1 going into the world cup
112.superman (old)
115.highest paid soccer player worldwide

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