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Season 1: Star Trek


Trivia for Star Trek Original Series: Season 1

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4.The only Character to appear in all 80 Episodes?
6.Who was cast for for his ability to speak in multiple accents and dialects?
7.In 2000, who recorded Star Trek as having the largest number of spin-off productions?
9.What colour was Spock's Skin supposed to be?
10.Which civilization were the Romulans based on?
11.Which Character did Grace Lee Whitney play?
15.How many times was the exterior Mayberry set from The Andy Griffith Show was used?
21.Number of Episodes using the "Parallel" or "Mirror" Universe format?
22.How many races of aliens did Mark Lenard play?
23.What does "Niota" (also spelled Nyota) Uhura is a "girly" variant of "Uhuru" mean in Swahili?
26.Which art director were the "Jefferies" tubes named after?
29.What role was DeForest Kelly first cast to play?
30.What is Uhura's first name given in the 1968 book, "The Making of Star Trek" by Stephen J. Whitfield and Gene Roddenberry?
31.The Kohanim use the symbol for shin (Vulcan Salute) to represent which name?
32.Who said "Momma! There's a black lady on TV, and she ain't no maid!" whenseeing Uhura?
1.Inside the Enterprise are tubes labled, "GNDN". What does that stand for?
2.What else did the Original Enterprise have in addition to a 2nd Sick Bay, Garden, and Swimming Pool?
3.Chekov's Middle Name?
5.Only Episode the Entererprise obrits a Planet right to left?
6.Who wrote the Music for Star Trek: Season 1?
8.Which Character is missing the middle finger of his Right Hand?
12.Which class of Starhip was the First Enterprise?
13.Who were the Klingons named after?
14.Which is the only Episode in which Scotty calls the Captain "Jim"?
15.How many Pilot Episodes were shot for Star Trek?
16.Scotty's improvised first name?
17.In which Episode is the "Vulcan Salute" first seen?
18.Whose name does not appear in the opening credits until Season 2?
19.Which City in Iowa was James Kirk born?
20.Who was hired to represent NASA as the first Black Person in Space?
24.Which Two-Part Episodes used sceens from the unaired Star Trek pilot?
25.How many voices did James Doohan provide?
27.What is D.C. Fontana's first name?
28.The Original Enterpise had 2 Auxilliary ...

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