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Stargate Atlantis


Words taken from the sci-fi hit series Stargate Atlantis

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4.Name Sheppard gave to the Lantean ship discovered on the planet with the supervolcano.
5.Lantean ship discovered floating in space badly damaged.
7.Wraith one manned fighters.
9.Leader of the Athosians and joins Sheppard's team. (full name)
13.Planet where Ronon is from.
16.Leader of the Replicators.
17.What the ancients called themselves
20.Atlantis's main source of power.
21.Planet protected by Chaya, the ascended being who takes a liking to Sheppard.
22.Second most advanced human society in Pegasus.
25.Doctor who replaces Beckett.(full name)
28.Name of Wraith who helps Atlantis destroy the replicator homeworld.
29.Head of security of Atlantis during season 1.
30.Member of sheppard's team who was formerly a runner of the Wraith. (full name)
32.Man who uses an herb to get people to like him and do what he wants.
33.Ronon's coach who gets him ready for his IOA meeting.
34.Name Sheppard gave to Lanteans Gateships.
35.Chief Scientist and a member of sheppard's team and has an extremely large ego. (full name)
1.Leader of Genii strike force that was able to capture Atlantis during the storm.
2.Replicator homeworld.
3.Military leader of Atlantis Expedition that died in The Rising Part 2. (rank and full name)
6.Lantean ship capable of .999 the speed of light and discovered in the void between galaxies.
8.Member of IOA who visits Atlantis (full name)
10.Leader of the secondary Atlantis team.
11.Name of the first X-304 to come to Atlantis's aid.
12.Psychiatrist on Atlantis (full name)
14.Leader of the main team of Atlantis (full name)
15.Name of experimental power source that McKay accidentally used to blow up a solar system.
18.Head of medical personnel until he died removing an explosive tumor. (full name)
19.Planet where Dr. Beckett was able to help engineer a drug that makes the Wraith feeding process ineffective.
23.Lantean name of ship discovered on the planet with the supervolcano.
24.Leader of Atlantis expedition until captured by the Replicators. (full name)
26.Planet were the Atlantis Expedition found Atlantis.
27.Member of Sheppards team until he was influenced by a wraith feeding enzyme. (full name)
31.X-304 under command of Abraham Ellis

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