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Medieval Theatre

S.B. S.M. S.C.

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4.highly artistic spectacles glorifying the nobility that were written and preformed for their entertainment.
10.Play Two- lives of saints, historical and legendary
11.series of acting stations placed in a line
12.Robin Hood is a fictional character believed to have been Fulk FitzWarin. Read whether he existed and what happened to him.
14.mayor of the palace of the Merovingian Frankish kings, son of the mayor Pippin II and his second wife or concubine Alpaida.
15.Short humorous sketches preformed between serious plays
1.Play One- about Christ or from the Old Testament
2.William the Conqueror is perhaps the most important figure of the Middle Ages. His rule marked the massive construction of castles in medieval Europe.
3.productions based on historical events
5.The life of Joan of Arc, the French Heroine who rescued France during its darkest moments of the Hundreds Years War.
6.Stage on wheels divided into two levels, the upper level was the platform stage and the lower level was curtained off and served as a dressing room.
7.Play Three- didactic allegories, often of common man’s struggle for salvation
8.general acting area, adjacent to the mansion.
9.Play Four- concerned with the last week in the life of Christ
13.an entire sequence of plays; they were short plays depicting religious history from creation through dooms

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