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A Midsummer nights Dream.. Characters

Melanie Labossiere

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2.The Joiner
6.Puts love juice in the wrong peoples eyes
8.Finds her lover has stabbed himself to death and kills herself
10.Wants the indian boy
12.Won a battle and is marrying the Queen of the Amazons
14.Falls in love with Bottom (the ass) thanks to the love potion
15.plays Thisbes mother in the play put on at the wedding
16.Runs away into the woods with his love to get married but love juice interfears
17.Thinks he is the best actor ever
18.Is in charge of the wedding entertainment
1.Isn't happy with who is daughter is marrying
3.The leader of the craftsmen putting on the play
4.plays pyrumus's father in the play put on at the weeing
5.Kills himself because he thinks his lover is dead
7.Wants to marry Demetrius
9.Loves Lysander
11.Love juice makes him love Helena
13.Is to marry in 4 days

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