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Theatre Terms


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1.This usually refers to the public areas of the theatre
8.Frozen carbon dioxide used to produce stage mist.
9.A friendly, customary encouragement term offered to performers.
13.This term is now used in a variety of ways. All the plays in
14.A performer in a play.
15.The area behind and around the stage that it is unseen by the
16.A designated break in a play. In cases where there is no
18.The lights in the house or auditorium. Dimming of the
20.The character who generates the main action of the story.
21.What happens at the end of the play.
23.A tubular metal bar, sometimes known as a pipe,.
27.This is the slope of the floor of an auditorium or, where
29.Objects on the stage such as furniture that are not part of the
31.The front of the stage closest to the audience.
33.A lengthy speech by a single character delivered to other
35.A colloquial term for a stagehand.
37.Stage smoke is produced by the vaporization of various oil based
38.This is the area toward the back of the stage, away from the
39.Short for the Latin ad libitum meaning ``freely."
41.What an actor wears to evoke the appearance of a particular
44.A large drapery of painted canvas .
46.Technically this refers to all stage areas outside the visible
47.The complement of actors in a play.
49.A division in the performance of the play.
50.The person who directs the play.
51.A scenic design that includes three walls and sometimes a
2.Where the Orchestra
3.A flat piece of painted scenery often consisting of a wooden frame.
4.This is a makeup used to shape and define actors' facial
5.Conversation in a play.
6.The person who writes the play. In the case of living
7.A concluding scene in a play where the drama of the action.
10.A light left on when a theatre is closed for the night.
11.This is a notification to cast and crew of a rehearsal or
12.Vertical curtains or flats used to hide the wings from view and
17.Strictly it's an enclosed space in which an audience gathers.
19.The scenery for a scene or entire production. In the latter case it
21.Narrow bridges above the stage from which scenery and lighting
22.Antagonists are present in almost every play.
24.A large piece of fabric hung down onto the stage floor.
25.These are the stage movements and positions that the director highlights.
26.The famous theatre district of midtown Manhattan in which 32
28.This is a playwright's device for letting us know what's on a
30.This is what actors get if they forget their lines. Some
32.The space below the stage used for accessing traps. It is
34.In its ordinary sense this refers to a group of musicians.
36.The various flats, drops, etc. that are used to create a
40.What actors learn and speak on stage. The word is also used
42.The acting area of the stage floor.
43.The place where the audience sits to enjoy the performance on
44.A theatrical blackout
45.A prearranged sign that indicates to a performer
48.This is an opening in the stage floor. In cases where the design

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