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Corny Crossword


How many words with "corn" in them can you find?

2             3
4 5   6  
7             8        
  10               11  
12 13                  
14                 15            
      17   18
  20                 21          

1.A popular brand of dishes; _____ware
2.A variety of corn that bursts open when heated.
7.To treat with contempt.
8.The nut of the oak tree.
9.Course breading material made from corn.
10.A powdery substance made from corn and used as a thickener.
13.The berry of the pepper plant.
14.Bread made from cornmeal.
15.To eat a diet of corn.
16.A place where corn is grown.
19.A stone forming part of the corner of a building.
20.The outer part of an ear of corn.
21.The transparent membrane covering the eye.
1.Corn bread made without milk or eggs.
3.A hard growth of skin, usually near the toes.
4.A mythical creature resembling a horse with one horn.
5.A horn-shaped container overflowing with fruit.
6.The place where two surfaces or lines meet.
11.A cereal made from corn; Kellogg's brand.
12.A grain of this plant is used to make alcohol.
15.The stem of a corn plant.
16.A structure for drying and storing corn.
17.The woody core on which kernels of corn grow.
18.Marinated in brine.

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