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Level 1 Crossword 1 - Brockington

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Vocabulary Sheets 1 through 4

1 2          
4     5  
  6           7     8   9               10 11
    12                       13    
14                   15              
17             18   19          
20           21                          
  22     23                   24 25
26                       27          
      28 29      
    30         31                          
  32                             33       34        
35         36                         37
      38       39
41               42                
        43   44   45          
46     47       48                        
49                       50            
52                   53          

2.the pattern of notes played over the beat
3.turning in the direction of the forward foot
6.extending one's leg to the back
12.jump while changing feet from one position to another
14.the beat
15.vertical line that separates measures
19.bruching one's foot off the floor
20.one lege is bent the other straight, both are on the floor
21.circling the leg
23.it's worth half a beat
26.dance performed to show one's power or refinement
27.legs crossed to the audience
30.smallest part of something
31.seating on one's hipwith the legs at right angles
32.a leg swing
33.moving one body part at a time
35.a jump
36.step of the horse
40.a grouping of musical notes
41.unplanned movement
46.5 horizontal lines used in music
48.throwing weight from one foot to the other as split the legs
49.moving the arms
50.facing the audience
51.imitating the reflected image of another
52.turn en dedans in the air while keeping a chasse's timing
53.a grouping of three
54.syncopated gallop
55.a type of turn
1.going into the air off two feet, landing one one
2.rising up on the balls of the feet
3.a turn where you push off 2 feet to revolve on 1 foot
4.point thefoot
7.in music it's worth more than an eighth
8.a hop
10.sideways movement
12.supporting one's weight on the tailbone
13.it's worth twice as much as a quarter note
16.when one's leg melts
17.to second position
18.putting an accent where there normally isnot one
22.a high kick
24.movements that travel through space
28.when there is no sound
29.movments that do not travel
34.bringing legs together in the air before you land
36.fast footwork
37.having your torse parallel to the floor
38.from 4th, turning away from the front foot
39.gliding step
43.how fast or how slow the music is

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