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1 2       3   4
7 8       9  
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    42     43                  
  44               45          

2.the opposing sides meet head on with one usually overcoming the other
5.to refer to indirectly
6.threatening; like an evil omen
11.to disrespect or dishonor something considered sacred
12.to correct someone sharply; disapprove; condemn another's behavior
13.to make worse; worsen
15.an unbeliever
17.a product or economic good
20.to increase in intensity
21.that part of a story in which the characters, setting and sittuation are given
23.conflicts and problems occur leading up to a major confrontation
27.fit for the occasion
28.one's general way of thinking or feeling
30.a difficult time or situation
31.get rid of; to eliminate; to destroy
33.generations of the future; all of one's descendants
35.a group of signs and symptoms that occur together
39.a copy or imitation
43.to justify; to prove correct at a later time
44.gloomy, sullen
45.wise and trusted adviser
47.to modify or moderate; soften
48.the average person
1.divine care or guidance; foresight
2.to come together
3.completely firm and unyielding
4.to decide; determine
7.to fill up; to spread evenly
8.to make calm or quiet
9.careful consideration
10.to set out on a venture
14.an accomplice or partner in wrongdoing
16.after the climax, lesser conflicts are resolved (usually)
18.to take in and incorporate as one's own, to conform or adapt (Resistance is Futile)
19.native to an area
22.direct ancestor; orginator of an ancestral lilne
24.gaining something unfairly, illegally, dishonestly or unethically
25.showing sincere remorse or guilt
26.to decrease gradually; to decline
29.overrun in large numbers
32.requiring great effort or endurance
34.to spread; to scatter; disperse
35.not open or direct; sly; crafty; noble
36.effecting a large number of people
37.fixed portion or share
38.a comparison of two unlike things without "like" or "as"
40.to desire to an excessive degree, esp. something belonging to another person
41.small common harmful or objectionable animals that are hard to control
42.to awaken from sleep
46.to fool or trick; person who is tricked/fooled

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