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GRE 1st


These are GRE Vocabulary Words.

1             2
  3         4  
5   6             7    
    8   9           10          
11             12         13          
  15                     16             17
18 19              
20         21   22 23                 24 25 26          
    27                     28              
      30               31                 32          
33                         34           35
      37                   38          
        39 40               41      
  42                           43              
45                   46       47            
    48   49                      
  50                   51                  
      52                 53
54                               55          
                56   57              
              59                     60             61      
    62               63            
      64                                     65  
                      66   67        
68                         69                 70  
          72 73                            
              74   75          
  77                         78              
  79         80                    
  81               82                 83            
84                         85              
  87       88 89 90         91
92                 93       94              
    95           96                 97       98
99                   100                 101            
    103                 104              
105             106               107      

3.assign; attribute; credit
5.correct; marked by propriety and good taste
8.a judge
11.one who is despised
13.to analyze (as an ore); trial; attempt; estimate
14.practicing strict self-denial for personal & spiritual discipl.
15.speed, alacrity. Think "accelerate".
16.mordant; wit used with deadly effectiveness
20.delay; hesitate
23.disposed to point out trivial faults to confuse in argument
26.to discriminate; to discern
27.random, aimless, marked by a lack of plan or purpose
28.thickness esp. of paper, cardboard or tree
31.an object of ridicule or scorn
32.an ornamental cord or ribbon; stringcourse
33.jurisdiction; responsibility
34.secret; mysterious; obscure
36.instrument for measuring thickness
37.a tumultuous break up of ice in a river
38.clever; dexterous
39.to adjust or measure precisely for a particular function
42.a period or outcome that is less significant than expected
44.roughness; harshness; acrimony; irritability
45.to aver, allege, or assert
47.a shortened version of
50.beg; sponge
51.irregular; unusual; paradoxical
54.raising consumption of goods is economically desirable
55.to mock
57.morally strict
59.a concise statement of an original thought
60.slab forming the uppermost part of a capital of a column
61.rude or insensitive person
63.to declare positively
67.slow to grant, accept or expand
68.able to do good; a generous gift
69.one who abandons long-held religious or political beliefs
71.dear; treasured
73.to slander, make a false accusation
75.omen; portent
76.a machine used to separate substances
78.press a frictional material (as a break pad)
80.an object that causes clotting, curdling, mass or group
81.to select by lot and kill every 10th man of
82.to ponder or meditate on intensely; think
83.pretentious or inflated speech or writing
84.to feel or express sympathy; condole
85.promptness in response; cheerful readiness
86.to defame
90.salacious, lustful, lascivious
92.diligent, hard-working, sedulous
93.capable of floating
95.to find fault without good reason
96.vulgar; difficult to work or deal with; boorish
97.intermingle; mix
100.believable; relevant
101.a saying that embodies a common observation
102.to dimisish the intensity of
103.to cause great destruction or harm to
104.lacking due thought or consideration; rash; heedless
105.an illusion
106.coax (esp. thru gentle flattering words)
1.a thing added to another thing but not truly a part of it
2.austere in appearance, manner, or attitude
4.short & abrupt to the point of ungracious manner
6.fond of feasting, drinking, and good company
7.that which provokes or speeds change or action
9.pastoral; relating to typical rural life; idyllic
10.an instrument for performing calculations
12.responsible; obedient
17.a line of people enclosing an area to prevent passage
18.desalt; the process of removing salt
19.coming about seemingly at random not by law
21.an outcome or solution
22.to distort
24.to comingle; debase by mixing with something inferior
25.rout; a violent disruption (as of an army)
29.to drain of intellectual or emotional vitality
30.a period of inactivity; suspension
32.rapidly or often superficially performed; hasty
33.knowledge; awareness; notice; acknowledgement
35.to tolerate
36.trickery; deception by artful subterfuge or sophistry
38.uncultured; crude; natural
40.adventurous; wreckless; bold; rash; original
41.sprout; bloom; flourish
42.to mix
46.insubordinate, rebellious
47.an elaborate or intricate pattern
48.miser; a crusty, ill-tempered and usually old man
49.a model of excellence or perfection
50.baffle; frustrate; puzzle; destroy; put to shame; discomfit
52.prudent; careful to consider all circumstances
53.a ruler with absolute power and authority
54.a distinguishing mark or emblem (as a heraldic bearing)
55.fiasco; a great disaster; a complete failure
56.to dry out; dehydrate
58.a state of paralyzing dismay
62.belligerent, pugnacious, warlike
63.being pleasant to talk to; gracious
65.hesitant or vigilant about dangers or risks
66.contemptuously distrustful of human nature and motives
68.a compulsory levy by certain English kings
70.reject solemnly; to avoid; to recant
71.an espalier (trellis) trained as a single horizontal shoot
72.dealing with field-crop production and soil mangmt.
74.to exact a tax of 10% from
76.insult, scorn, aspersion
79.to suggest sketchily; to foreshadow vaguely or intimate
85.one having sensitivity to the beautiful esp. in art
87.pacify; ease; quiet
88.to polish; lustrous
90.to bring up
91.high-ranking naval officers
93.merry; of a happy lighthearted character or disposition
94.climax; zenith
97.to give a false impression; contradict; disguise
98.check the vibration of a sound

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