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Spelling Crossword Puzzle

Michael Dennis Smith

This is a crossword puzzle made with the 20 unit spelling words.

1     2  
3           4    
10             11             12
  13     14      

1.We uncovered an ancient treasure _________!
3.She hurt herself while playing tennis; she has a trick ________ now.
6.I am a police officer; here is my ________ badge.
7.The fast whirling ________ made him very dizzy.
9.We are getting new _______ now; the hurricane flooded our old ones.
10.The _________ on the wall is crooked.
11.The diggers found an ______ Mississippian artifact!
13.We cook in our ___________.
16.The cow longed to graze in the pasture next door; the grass was so lush there!
17.Quick! To the hurricane ________!
18.He is so ____________ because he is gifted in every subject!
2.He is so scarred all the time, he is afraid of his own _______!
3.It was the _______ event of the year!
4.The _________ rate for U.S. $s to English pounds is about $2.
5.The doctor attended to all his __________s.
8.This food is the most ________ food that I have ever tasted!
10.I would like you to _________ my book for me.
12.I buy bananas by the _________.
14.The vase was very __________.
15.Aren't the wonders of _________ beautiful?

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