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Troublesome Words

Created by Mrs. Kelly

6th Grade

  2 3 4 5  
6           7
8       9 10        
11       12     13
14             15          
  16             17 18        
    19       20    
21       22    
      23 24          
25 26                      
27               28  
      29 30   31      
  34   35                  
36     37              
    38       39        

4.the number after one
6.to misplace or to ail to win
8.Trains are ____ the best ways to travel.
14.introduces the second part of a comparison
16.a sweet food served at the end of a meal
17.past tense of the verb was
19.to receive
22.to place oneself in a seated position
24.the possessive form of they
26.Dr. Brown's title
27.indicates movement from outside to a point within
29.Do you know ___'s raining outside?
32.to have moved on or ahead; completely satisfactorily
33.to cause to move upward
36.to place or to put
37.She was accused of being a _____.
38.to put or to place
39.____ are you going?
40.at that time or soon after
41.I have a friend ____'s a pilot.
1.also or in addition to; excessively
2.to receive knowledge
3.to select
5._____ flight leaves first.
7.a dry, barren region
7.to abandon; to leave without permission
9.short for your school's name
11.The dog wagged _____ tail.
12.Ships sail _____ ports.
13.in a group
18.other than
20.The _____ of free speech is important in a democracy.
21.before or by this time
23.completely prepared
24.in the direction of
25.not firmly attached
28.I don't know whtether he has arrived.
30.to give knowledge
31.The _____ was bad lasat night.
32.time gone by; existed earlier
34.to move upward
37.____ ball is yours?
38.to rest or to recline

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