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Vocabulary 2

Cynthia Rocha

Vocabulary Words

1 2       3  
  4 5        
7               8  
13         14        
15   16
17           18  
  19           20        

2.to portray by picture of word
5.a part that is added
7.boring; tiring
9.a result of one's actions
11.a person who desires to be elected to some office
12.a person who is not suited for a particular job or group
13.to move from one's country to live in another
17.to involve or pledge oneself
19.intense, wild, furious
20.essential; critical
1.to creep at someone's feet, to humble oneself
3.a grouping of stars that forms a pattern
6.the stress that results from stretching; a strain
8.a young person
10.to burn and smoke without flame
14.to do without
15.a collision of one thing against another
16.a sudden uneasiness or doubtfulness of the mind
18.to rest or settle in a high place or on an insecure surface

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