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Study Skills Vocab 2

Mrs. Moore

Vocabulary for exam 2

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2.completely obvious, conspicuous, or obtrusive especially in a crass or offensive manner
4.covering completely or broadly : INCLUSIVE
8.something that is necessary to an end or to the carrying out of a function
10.harsh inflexibility in opinion, temper, or judgment; the quality of being unyielding or inflexible
11.the complete list or supply of skills, devices, or ingredients used in a particular field, occupation, or practice
12.to assume an air of superiority
13.spotlessly clean; containing no flaw or error
15.something hard to understand or explain; an obscure speech or writing
18.of, being, or relating to a designated or theoretical size that may vary from the actual; APPROXIMATE; TRIFLING, INSIGNIFICANT
22.a faultfinding captious critic; one who believes that human conduct is motivated wholly by self-interest
23.a style of decorative art characterized by fanciful or fantastic human and animal forms often interwoven with foliage or similar figures that may distort the natural into absurdity, ugliness, or caricature
25.a person who excites factions, quarrels, or sedition : AGITATOR
26.relation marked by harmony, conformity, accord, or affinity
28.characterized by similarity or repetition; exceeding what is necessary or normal
31.to rise above or go beyond the limits of
34.so obviously inconsistent with what is right or proper as to appear to be a flouting of law or morality
35.to be an instance of or serve as an example : EMBODY; to be typical of
37.to intervene between parties with a view to reconciling differences : MEDIATE
38.to yield to superior strength or force or overpowering appeal or desire
40.to refrain deliberately and often with an effort of self-denial from an action or practice
41.perversely adhering to an opinion, purpose, or course in spite of reason, arguments, or persuasion; not easily subdued, remedied, or removed
42.blatantly and disdainfully proud
43.lacking proper respect or seriousness
44.tending or intended to avoid
45.to reduce drastically especially in number
46.to answer (as an argument) by a counter argument
1.the faculty or phenomenon of finding valuable or agreeable things not sought for
2.marked by or disposed to doing good
3.one who is not committed to believing in either the existence or the nonexistence of God or a god
5.a peculiarity of constitution or temperament : an individualizing characteristic or quality
6.following in time, order, or place
7.a mental image : CONCEPT
9.feeling of contempt for what is beneath one : SCORN
12.uninterrupted connection, succession, or union
14.general agreement : UNANIMITY
16.a domestic servant or retainer
17.not openly shown, engaged in, or avowed : VEILED
19.to depart from an established course or norm
20.tending to promote or assist
21.one who argues in favor of something : ADVOCATE
24.an annuity payable forever
27.characterized by or appealing to self-indulgence
29.having many complexly interrelating parts or elements
32.the act or practice in international law of resorting to force short of war in retaliation for damage or loss suffered; the regaining of something (as by recapture)
33.to make less by or as if by cutting off or away some part; shorten
36.a wicked act or thing : SIN
40.an unbreakable or extremely hard substance

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