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Vocabulary list 10-13

Ginna Fall

Weekly vocabulary lists for my students

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31 32            

3.to irritate, provoke, distress, worry
5.to scream or cry harshly or loudly
6.watchful to discover danger, wary
8.an order, an instruction from authority
10.to run away; to dash out suddenly
13.misfortune, faced with challenges
14.strong, healty, vigorous, rough
17.to divide into parts; to mutilate
20.discussion or c onference, informal between enemies
21.to pacify, especially by granting favors
22.incapable of error, dependable, reliable
26.a loud continuous uproar, commotion
27.to acknowledge as true, just, proper; to admit
28.wise, judicious,cautious,discreet regard for one's own interes
31.to become weak or weary, lose energy, droop
1.having similar traits and interests; getting along
2.happy, cheerful, joyous
4.to hold back, hainder, burden with difficulties
7.strong winds; technically 32-63 m.p.h.
9.a conversation an exchange of ideas
11.to reduce to nothing
12.to go on shore from a boat or from land onto a boat
15.asking earnestly and honestly
16.to take great pleasure in, enjoy
18.deserted without people, without friends or hope
19.to remain or stay in a place longer than expected
23.to warn in advance, advise, caution
24.shining or bright, clear or transparent
25.one who uses power oppressively, an absolute ruler
29.to utter a prolonged, inarticulate mornful cry
30.having keen insigt, discerning, astute, crafty
32.to shrink from with horrore, to feel disgust toward something

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