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Vocabulary 51-75

English III

1 2 3
4                       5              
  6       7
        9       10        
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21                 22                

4.not caring one way or another
5.commanding attention by a loud or obtrusive manner
9.coming from within; occurring naturally within
11.to support with evidence or authority
14.to impair the strength of; weaken
15.opposition; acting against or in a contrary direction
16.cause of injury or damage
19.compact and precise without waste
20.to do away with completely
21.relieve; lessen; minimize pain
22.producing wealth; profitable
23.to throw in between or among things
1.one that contends with or resists; opposition
2.lacking dignity; lowly; humble
3.to take notice of; show interest in
5.untidy in personal appearance; slob
6.to use something unfairly for your own advantage
7.an earlier occurrence of something similar
8.poorly adjusted; not fitting in with surroundings
10.severe in temper or action; not mild
11.burdensome; troublesome, bulky
12.to make something continue; further something along
13.having a mental and emotional disorder
17.to make articulate sounds; speak clearly
18.to try to obtain through urgent please or requests

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