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Vocabulary 76-100

English III

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2.present in large quantities; large scale
8.one that is despised or rejected; outcast
10.easily led or managed; calm
11.lively in temper, behavior, or spirit
13.relating to matters of fact; practical; not idealistic
16.extremely or utterly foolish
20.to make of no value or consequence
21.to make something seem reasonable
22.to make an indirect reference
23.to establish with proof
24.an act or period of watchfulness or surveillance
25.hatefully or shockingly evil
1.an eccentric or sudden thought
3.closeness; the distance between two things
4.steadfast in loyalty; sticking by one's side
5.frenzied; frantic; hectic
6.a type of language or speech; verbal communication
7.to free from allegation or blame
9.to put off intentionally
12.exceeding what is needed; wasteful; unecessary
14.feeling no emotion; being hardened or thickened
15.very angry; enraged
17.tending to promote or assist
18.to mark with shame or discredit
19.persistenly working toward something valued or desired

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