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Vocabulary list part 1B


Cryptic- remember the instructions from the list, e.g, the roman numerals and incharge=ic, etc.

1 2 3         4        
  11           12      
14     15                      
16                   17
  18     19          
20         21          

3.It was uncalled for and unprovoked as I got a tug on the tour. (10)
5.In anecdote some silly, idiotic and absurd bits. (5)
7.Divert ten and lost end by being negligent, careless or not deliberate. (11)
10.It is impossible to stop or prevent lean boxer and I getting together. (10)
11.Oh My, said to cause consternation or distress. (6)
14.Some stayed in to avoid the loud, unpleasant noise. (3)
15.It's inappropriate or unsuitable time to pin the poor tune around. (11)
16.Cheerful and jaunty tube near ten stop. (9)
18.It was imaginary and not real when Roy took ill on us. (8)
20.Fred took a zine and became wildly excited and uncontrolled as well as crazed. (8)
22.Superficially plausible, but misleading I use cops to get what I want.(8)
23.I replace the start of equal, became mixed up and got a bird to show fear. (5)
24.In manoeuvre eke out some stink. (4)
1.A hundred and four dive for tin showing great desire for revenge. (10)
2.Capable of making mistakes Bill takes a leaf to be imperfect. (8)
4.It is non-stop and last forever, so put mine in the bin later. (12)
6.Go on run us in charge, it is out of place, unsuitable and inappropriate. (11)
8.Six vipers went east to be demonstrative, suggestive and eloquent. (10)
9.The lengthy and aggressive speech ran a huge audience away. (8)
12.If nothing on course, it's aggressive and dangerous. (9)
13.He can read ten as an advocate or supporter of the group. (8)
17.Dirty, sleazy and sqaulid but some sensor did not work. (6)
19.Suave, and refined some disturb anew. (6)
20.The gulf ran endlessly to be thrifty, cautious and prudent. (6)
21.Put dune in charge to persuade and cause it to happen. (6)

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