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Vocab Final


1 2 3
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44                     45                       46  

4.summary/part of a whole - syn: compendium
6.cupidity, greed, covetousness, parsimony, niggardliness, miserliness
7.fawning, toadyish, slavish, sycophantic, abject subservient
10.comparison of two like things - syn: similarity
12.accidental, chance, adventitious, random, casual
13.pugnacious, defiant, fierce, scathing, belligerent
14.deviation, divergence, disorientation, insanity, distortion, abnormality
17.essential, belonging naturally - syn: inherent
20.to mark with disgrace/disapproval - syn: brand
21.ambiguous, evasive, dubious, enigmatic, indefinite
24.perspicacity, astuteness, acuteness, shrewdness, wisdom, penetration
25.awakens terror - syn: redoubtable
26.ability to make good judgment/quick decisions - syn: discernment
29.chasten, rebuke, reprimand, reprove, reprehend
31.clamorous, vociferous, turbulent, unruly, uproarious, disorderly
33.incomprehensible, mysterious, impenetrable, esoteric
35.climax or high point - syn: zenith
37.self-assertive, irritatingly proud - syn: contumelious
42.meddlesome, interfering, obtrusive, bossy
44.inclination, disposition, bent, penchant, propensity, proneness
45.unusual way of behaving - syn: aberration
48.to overflow - syn: deluge
50.make less severe - syn: assuage
51.of the earth, dull - syn: secular
52.rigidly severe in character - syn: rigid
53.skillful, expertise in a certain field - syn: intrepidity
54.tart, piquant, biting, piercing, caustic, incisive, acrid, nippy, racy
1.secretly allow to occur - syn: conspire
2.meaning, clarity of ideas
3.wheedle, inveigle, coax, allure
5.to place side by side - syn: adjacent
8.composure, placidity, self-possession, stoicism, imperturbability
9.so overused it's become stale/dull - syn: bromidic
11.blend, unite, fuse, cohere, consolidate, merge
14.extremely harsh, bitter - synonym: acrid
15.irresolution, indecision
16.hesitate, waver, oscillate, flatter, fluctuate
18.misty, shadowy, obscure, confused, indefinite, indistinct
19.to go off course from the norm - syn: diverge
22.chronic, habitual, ingrained, persistent, hardened
23.no longer able to work effectively - syn: spent
27.extremely stingy - syn: avaricious
30.a bias in favor of something - syn: prepossession
32.flagrant, shocking, outrageous, conspicuous, extraordinary, gross, enormous
34.working to benefit oneself (not always moral) - syn: propititous
35.smug/uncritical satisfaction with oneself - syn: gratified
36.deadlock, cul-de-sac
38.can have more than one possible meaning - syn: amphibolic
39.poverty-stricken - syn: impecunious
40.person falsely claiming to be an expert in something - syn: quack
41.gluttonous, rapacious, insatiable, omnivorous
43.to isolate from (esp. society) - syn: expatriate
46.worthy of being praised - syn: commendable
47.inaction, indifference, dullness, listlessness
49.odious, hateful, loathsome, flagrant, villainous, nefarious, abhorrent, execrable, flagitious

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