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Mrs. Holt

1   2     3
5     6      
        8 9
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1.Your teacher can read the prompt aloud ______________(this many times.)
6.The first sentence of your story should _______the reader.
7.how many paragraphs a good piece of writing should have
10.what each sentece should be
11.what you should use to look up synonyms or more colorful words that mean the same thing
14.the last paragraph of a story
16.a statement of suprise or excitement; a sentence ending with an exclamation mark
19.the first paragraph of a story
21.a word that describes (an idea, a person, etc.)
24.a word that means the opposite (example: sad;happy)
25.a statement;a sentence ending with a period
26.a word that means the same (example: sad:sorrowful)
27.the type of spelling you need to be sure to use
28.what you do before you write
2.what you do at the beginning of a new paragraph
3.an idea or phrase that sets the topic of your story
4.a word that sounds the same and has different meanings (example:principal;principle)
5.what you have to write with during the writing test
8.In the first paragraph you should ______________ the prompt.
9.what needs to be at the end of every sentence
12.what writing can be
13.a question; a sentence ending with a question mark
15.this type of word shows action, and can also be helping
17.what you should use to look up the meaning of a word.
18.words that enrich your writing, we learn them every week
20.what you can't do during the writing test
22.the type of letter you use to start a new sentence
23.this type of word is a person, place or thing and can be proper

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