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Accounting 101

Larry Thomas

2 3                   4
  6               7  
14                   15
18       19                        
20                 21          

3.A person who handles a broad range of accounting jobs
5.A form that serves as a record of cash received
6.Items of value that are owned or controlled by a business
9.Property or items of value owned by a company
10.The total financial claims to the assets or property of a business
12.A business owned by one person
14.The amount of revenue earned above the expenses incurred to operate a business
16.An entry to the left side of the T account
17.A chronological record of all the transactions of a business
18.An amount of money paid to an employee at a specified rate per hour worked
19.Reports company assets, liabilities and owner equity
20.The items of merchandise a business has in stock
21.An entry to the right side of the T account
1.The total amount of money owed to a business
2.Business owned by two or more persons
4.A business that sells to the final user, the consumer
7.The fee charged for the use of money
8.Goods bought for resale to customers
9.What a company owes to its creditors
11.The amount of money being borrowed on a Promissary Note
13.Income earned from the sale of goods and services
15.A return on the investments by stockholder of a corporation

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