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Advanced Haircutting

The purpose of this puzzle is to give you definitions of terms you should know for this class.

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2.area above the crest area
5.distribution that is held at 90 degrees from its parting
9.projections held below 90 degrees produce
12.also known as elevation, angle at which the hair is held in relation to the curve of the head
14.angle that is greater than zero degrees and less than 90 degrees
15.an angle that is greater than 90 degrees but less than 180 degrees
17.catergory of length in pivot point; there are 7 of them and refer to areas of the body where the hair falls
18.a line that goes straight up and down, perpendicular to a parallel line
19.distribution the hair assumes as it falls from the head due to gravitational pull
21.direction the hair is combed in relation to its parting
26.dividing the hair into workable areas for the purpose of control
28.razor sculpting technique to remove length; performed on the underside of the hair
29.controls the moveable blade of the shears
30.barrier between the client and the drape, used to protect the client from disease
31.line tha is parallel to the horizon
33.form that is cut at 45 degrees, shorter exterior going into a longer interior
36.removing bulk from the hair
38.area all around the hairline
41.form that has shorter layers in the interior progressing to a longer exterior; 180 degrees
42.cut where it is shorter in back getting longer in front, known as a diagnol ___
1.term to check a haircut for balance and accuracy
3.diameter and feel of hair
4.bone that protrudes from the head, right below the crest area
6.line that is slanted -- either to the left or right, slopes up or down
7.form that is cut at 90 degrees, equal lengths throughout that section
8.area between anatomical and spherical levels of hair length
10.artistic carving or removing of hair lengths with shears, clippers, or razor
11.front area of the interior
13.widest area of the head
16.form that is one length and cut at zero projection
20.a 90 degree angle
22.thinning the hair to reduce bulk or create suppport, fullness and mobility
23.texture when ends of hair are not visible in natural fall; hair is smooth
24.texture when hair ends are visible
25.implement used to distribute and control the hair
27.area immediately below the occipital
32.cutting technique used to define the perrimeter
33.design line used for cutting
34.view of the hair with projections, not concrete or in natural fall
35.area below the crest area
37.highest point of the head
39.angles between 0-30 degrees are known as ___ projection
40.three dimensional representation of shapre

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