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All About Nails


A study guide for Cosmetology students

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5.Liquid part of acrylic nail products.
9.This helps prevent nails from splitting and peeling. (2 words)
10.Use a cotton wrapped ________ _____ to push back cuticals (2 words)
11.Avoid pressure here during a pedi service
13.This shapes and shortens the natural nail (2 words)
15.What direction do you buff nails in?
16.this procedure smoothes out corrugations (2 words)
17.Agnails are considered to be a nail condition. True-false?
18.Oval, round and square and _____ are the 4 basic shapes.
19.This is caused by a vegetable parasite
20.Do not touch the ____ after primer has been applied.
22.loosening of the nail
25.This overlaps the lunula
26.This ensures adhesion to the nail
30._________ lotion removes dead skin cells.
32.This stops bleeding
34.Loose and pliable skin around the nail
35.Cause of a disease or condition
36.Onychomycosis is a nail _______.
1.Extends beyond the end of the finger (2 words)
2.Another name for the nail plate (2 words)
3.What is leuconychia? (2 words)
4.touches and overlaps the nail
6.Nails grow ___ _____ inch per month (2 words)
7.Holds the root and matrix
8.Ingrown nails
12.nerves and blood vessels are found here (2 words)
14.Another name for a fill in.
18.If your client has a nail disease, refer them to a _____.
21.Apply ___ _____ of polish (2 words)
23.This contains hydrogen peroxide to remove nail stains. (2 words)
24.Square shaped nails are the _____.
27.This determines the shape of the nail
28.Where the matrix and nail bed meet
29.How many signs of infection are there?
31.Furrows are a nail ________.
33.Mens nails are to be filed _____ or square

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