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#101.10 Automobile Fires

Fort Osage G.O.G. Review

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3.Most are propelled with an explosive device that may _____ when exposed to extreme heat.
4.When magnesium is heated to its ignition point, it is difficult to _____.
8.This is due to ___ filled shocks on the bumpers that may expand and explode, causing the bumper to propel outward.
9.If manual levers due not work, _____ entry tools can be used to force entry.
10._____ into compartments that have the most fire should be made from the easiest to most complex form of entry.
11.Upon arrival to a scene, if a victim is trapped or unable to remove themselves, rapid extrication shall be top _____.
13.All exposures surrounding the vehicle within twenty-five feet should be _____.
14.All personnel responding to the alarm shall be in full protective _____.
1.When approaching a vehicle that has fire involvement in the engine or rear compartment, access should be made from a _____ degree angle towards the vehicle.
2.If early in the fire and the fire seems to be contained to engine compartment, attempt to use a dry chemical extinguisher with a hand line as a back-up.
5.Care should be taken with the fuel take to prevent possible _____.
6.Attempt should be made to disconnect the _____ before attacking fire under the dash, due to electrical equipment.
7.At least ____ wheels shall be chalked to prevent the vehicle from moving.
12.If the vehicle fire is located in or impinging upon a structure, a _____ alarm assignment shall be ordered immediately.

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