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Career Management - Growth and Development

Leslie Rael

1 2 3
6 7                          

7.an intake of food that supplies all the nutrients to maintain good health
9.the use of a drug in a way that can damage a person's health
11.emotional and physical tension resulting from the body's natural response to conflict and change
12.any unwelcome behavior of a sexual nature
13.the process of settling a dispute by bringing in a neutral classmate
1.a guideline created by the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services to help you get the nutrients you need
2.how well your heart and other organs function
3.the process by which plants and animals take in and use food
4.substances in food that the body needs to produce energy and stay health
5.a detailed outline tht describes the way you will take care of your body
6.units of energy produced by food when it is used by the body
8.a chemical substance that brings about physical, emotional, or mental challenges
10.a physical or psychological need for a substance

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