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Careers A-Z

Mrs. Shumaker

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8.design and develop computer software systems
9.build and repair structures made of wood, plastic, cork, and composite materials
12.protect animal health through medicine, surgery, and disseminating knowledge to pet owners and animal caregivers
13.investigate criminal activities for the United States Department of Justice
15.prepare human tissue samples for physicians to examine for the presence of cell abnormalities
19.study oceans, ocean floors, and coastlines
21.cash checks, process deposits, and record withdrawals made by their customers
22.develop nutritional programs to install and maintain electrical systems in residential, commercial, industrial, and public buildings
23.maintain records of the assets and debts of businesses and individuals
1.entertain others by playing musical instruments in orchestras, bands, ensembles, and solo performances
2.help individuals and businesses solve their legal problems
3.plan activities, games, and projects that teach students between the ages of four and six the basic concepts of science, numbers, language, and computers
4.officiate at organized games and are responsible for enforcing all the established rules of the sport
5.study the earth's structure and composition
6.develop nutritional programs to help prevent illness by promoting healthy eating habits
7.Diagnose and treat adult patients with diseases and or disorders in the internal organ systems
10.study the fossilized remains of plants and animals found on or beneath the earth's surface
11.greet visitors as they enter businesses and industrial facilities and assist them by locating the individual(s) with whom they want to meet
14.Diagnose and treat diseases and disorders of the nervous system
16.produce stories for newspapers, periodicals, and television networks
17.Study origin, behavior, diseases, and life processes of animals
18.design, create, and maintain sites on the Internet
20.Study plants and their environments

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