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3.Air conditioning system switch that cuts off the refrigeration system pressure if the pressure becomes so high that the compressor could be damaged or refrigerant lost.
10.Unit in air conditioning system used to transform refrigerant from a liquid to a gas. It is at this point that cooling takes place.
11.Receiver-dehydrator combination.
15.Pressure-regulating valves.
16.Liquid used in refrigeration systems to remove heat from evaporator coils and carry it to condenser
19.Special oil that lubricates air conditioning compressor.
21.Significant New Alternatives Program of the Environmental Protection Agency. A program to identify refrigerants that can be used to replace R-12. Refrigerants found acceptable for their impact on global warming might not perform well in an air conditioning system.
24.Process of converting an air-conditioning system that uses R-12 to handle R-134a refrigerant.
25.Diaphragm pump used to produce vacuum.
26.System used to control the temperature, movement, cleanliness and humidity of air in a vehicle
27.A manifold assembly containing two pressure gauges (one high, one low), two gauge valves, and three outlet connections. Used to service (discharge, charge, evacuate) air conditioning system
30.Device used to raise pressure of refrigerant in an air conditioning system. Also causes refrigerant to flow through system.
31.A federal agency concerned with air, water, and ground pollution reduction.
32.Refrigeration system with a fixed (does not change size) orifice tube. Evaporator pressure is controlled by turning the compressor clutch on and off
33.A very toxic (poisonous) gas. Can be formed when refrigerant is exposed to an open flame.
35.An electrically operated instrument used to test air conditioning system for refrigerant leaks.
36.A microorganism killer.
37.Fittings that connect the refrigeration system to the service hoses.
38.Valve that stops the flow of engine coolant through the heater core when heating is not needed.
39.Resistor that changes its resistance in relation to temperature.
41.Having the ability to absorb moisture from air.
42.Term for a refrigerant that can be mixed with the existing refrigerant in an air conditioner.
44.Unit in air conditioning system that cools hot compressed refrigerant and turns it from vapor into liquid.
1.Type of restrictor that the entrance of liquid refrigerant into the evaporator is controlled by varying the opening of the expansion valve, based on the temperature at the evaporator outlet
2.Oil that can be mixed and be carried with the refrigerant to lubricate moving parts.
4.Finned device for heating vehicle interiors. Resembles a small radiator
5.Process of removing oxygen from an air conditioning system by pumping air out of the system, creating a vacuum
6.Valve designed to open at specific pressure. This will prevent pressures in system from exceeding certain limits
7.Door installed in the air conditioning blower case. Controls temperature of the air going to the passenger compartment.
8.This switch opens and closes the electrical circuit to the clutch based on low-side pressure.
9.Air-conditioning hose with an internal liner to prevent the escape of R-134a refrigerant.
12.Often placed between compressor and condenser to reduce pumping noise.
13.An electromagnet that draws the clutch hub inward, locking the revolving pulley to the compressor shaft
14.Switch that cuts off the refrigerant system pressure if the pressure becomes so low that the compressor could be damaged.
17.Refrigerant used in the air conditioning systems of most vehicles manufactured after 1992. Replaced R-12 due to environmental concerns
18.Refrigerant made with two or more chemical compounds
19.Refrigerant used in older air conditioning systems. Gradually being replaced by R-134a in newer vehicles.
20.Checks the refrigerant and heating system components for proper pressures and temperatures.
22.Exact temperature at which a liquid begins to boil.
23.Check for proper system operation at different settings.
28.Type of restrictor used to control refrigerant flow between the condenser and evaporator
29.To reuse a portion or all the refrigerant taken from a refrigerant system.
34.Valve, similar to spring-loaded valve used in tire stem, used in car air conditioning and fuel injection system service valves.
40.Removal of air.
43.Refrigerant used in commercial cooling applications.

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