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Communcations 1

Deborah,Lindsey, Erin, Lora

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2.swearing, lying, and gossip are 3 examples of this (4wds.)
5.informal rules for interaction in a group.
7.the function of language with the ability to express emotions.
10.encouraging, gatekeeping, and harmonizing are _______ ______ that are designed to help the group run smoothly (2wds.)
11.nonverbal aspects of the voice.
12.a prediction that comes true simply because one acts as if it were true(3wds.)
14.persons who formulate, encode, and transmit a message.
17.framework for decision making and problem solving designed to encourage critical inquiry (2wds.)
19.putting your thoughts and feelings into a message.
20.a judgement based on opinion.
25.a collection of individuals who interact, occupy certain roles, and cooperate, to accomplish a certain goal.
26.a group technique used to generate ideas
27.an educated guess about the unknown based on what you do know.
28.every group member is a potential ______ whether designated or achieved.
30.autocratic, laissez-faire, and ______ are 3 leadership styles.
31.this function of language is when you open the channels of communication.
33.questions involving the truth or falsity of a statement (3wds.)
35.these 8 roles prevent the group from working effectively.
37.the emotional atmosphere of a group.
38.a dictionary definition of a word.
39.structured brainstorming technique to aid the search for solutions.
41.the content of a communicative act.
42.message with words.
43.persons who recieve, decode, and interpret a message.
44.chain and wheel/star are 2 of the five__________ patterns of communication.
45.what occurs when group members thoughts or acts, limit or interfere with other groupmembers thoughts or acts.
1.questions designed to determine future actions (3wds.)
3.patterns of message flow in a group (4wds.)
4.looking at exsisting data from another angle (2wds.)
6.a conflict resolution strategy where people act as eachother in order to understand eachothers postitions.
8.Impromptuspeech a speech made on the spur of the moment with little or no preporation(2wds.)
9.a speech that is researched, outlined, and delivered after a rehersal(2wds.)
13.member positions and roles performed in a group(2wds.)
15.a personal or emotional meaning for a word.
16.name for comments or looks which discourage or inhibit the generation of ideas.
17.Rationalizing when you use words to excuse your behavior.
18.Qualitycircle small group who meets to discuss organization life and the quality of their work enviornment(2wds.)
21.media through which messages are sent.
22.Decisionmaking default, traditional, and good neighbor are 3 types of this (2wds.)
23.a type of team empowered to make decisions and supervise themselves (2wds.)
24.a model containing 4 panes used to explain the roles that self-awareness and self-disclosure play in relationships (2wds.)
29.innitiating, evaluating, and clarifying are _____ ______ designed to help the group achieve its goal (2wds.)
32.message with out words.
34.something proven by data or eyewitness testimony.
36.positive or negative information returned to a message source.
40.anything that prevents communication from being 100% effective.

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