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Forestry Management


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6.a person who manages and studies forest
7.stunted trees or shrubs, often found in a dense stand
10.trees that shed their leaves every year
11.a production plant that saws logs into saleable products
12.thin sheet of wood glued to a cheaper species of wood and used in paneling and furniture making
16.wood in a state of decay
17.the art of producing and tending a forest; the theory and practice of controlling forest establishment, composition, and growth
20.the care and management of trees for ornamental purposes
22.the living portion of a tree that carries nutrients up from the roots to the leaves
23.a unit of land measurement-43,560 square feet, or 10 square chains, or a square that is 208.7 feet on each side
24.forest that have never been harvested
27.an area where the entire timber stand is/has been cut
28.the tendancy of wood to bend permanently due to moisture change
29.trees that do not shed their leaves on a yearly basis
30.to cut and deliver logs; tree segment suitable for lumber and is usually 8 to 16 feet in length
31.measurement of lumber that is 1"x12"x12"
32.middle section of a tree that provides strength and support and conducts the flow of water and nutrients; often referred to a the trunk
33.young trees grown from seed; smaller than samplings
35.wood used for making fiber for paper, fiberboard, or other similar products
36.anyone who is engaged in a logging operation
38.the main root of a tree that grows downward
39.one of the botanical group of trees that generally have broad leaves in contrast to the needle-bearing conifers
40.the direction, size, arrangement, appearance, or quality of the fibers in wood
41.the light-colored wood that helps carry water and minerals to the crown
43.the wood's resistance to compression; determines how well the wood wears
44.boards of thin layers of wood glued together
45.evergreen trees that have needle-like leaves and produce lumber called softwood
1.process where plants make their own food in the leaves by converting water, carbon dioxide, and sunlight into carbohydrates (sugars and staches)
2.living cells, sometimes called inner bark, that carries food made in the leaves down to the branches, stems, and roots
3.the management of forest
4.a small, privately-owned forest
5.the upper portion of a tree that contains branches and foliage
8.fires burning out of control
9.complex association of trees, shrubs, and plants as well as animals
13.the growth layer of 1 year, as viewed on the cross-section of a tree
14.forest land that is capable of producing in excess of 20 cubic feet per acre per year of industrial wood
15.the width of cut made by a saw
18.the level of difficulty in cutting, shaping, nailing, and finishing the wood
19.abbreviation for diameter at breast height, which is normally 4 1/2 feet above normal ground level
21.the inactive dead core of a tree that gives the tree strength and support and rigidity
25.land that is at least 10 percent stocked by forest trees of any size
26.a woody perennial plant
27.the generative tissue of the inner bark between the xylem and phloem that gives a tree its annual rings
30.boards that are sawed from trees
33.one of the botanical group of trees that generally have needle-shaped leaves
34.the change in dimensions of a piece of wood as it reacts to changes in weather, humidity, and/or temperature
37.a major part of the tree that anchors the tree to the ground and also collects minerals and water from the soil
42.a white oak tree growing in a man-planted white pine plantation

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