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House Construction

Jim Hilker

Materials, terminology, tools, and methods of residential construction

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2.the wooden floor framing member
6.to be worn on when work is being done above you
8.The government department that regulates safety
9.A single roof framing member
12.the roof design for a standard pitch roof
13.the project ____________ oversees all of the budgets, scheduling, materials, and man power
15.The tool used to test for plumb
16.trim around doors and windows
19.The cement used in concrete and mortar
21.In a framed wall you have a window _______ opening
22.The saw most commonly used to make cuts on the job site
24.the exterior trim that covers the end cuts of the roof framing
27.Place the insulation ___________ around the window and door jambs
31.the construction plans or drawings
32.the board system used to layout building lines and corners
36.Nail guns are operated through __________ air
37.Support above a window or door opening
38.to be worn anyitme there is a potential of items flying through the air
40.The clips used to help tie down the roof to the walls
41.used to layout rafters and stair stringers
43.the exterior trim that covers the roof overhang and provides air flow into the attic
44.Bad air escaping
45.the term used for the stones in concrete mix
46.A machine that shaves off edges to make them straight and even
51.A style or type of roof shingle
52.What you should present when you apply for a job
53.a stick or board used to layout and use as a siding template
54.The machine shaves off a wood surface to make it smooth
55.an agreement between the client and contractor
56.Air infiltration barrier
57.carries the support member over a window or door
1.typical design type of a barn roof
3.the tool used to intially level the placed concrete
4.The part of the door frame that the hinges are attached to
5.the term for the consistencey of wet concrete
7.Used to place mortar on blocks
10.the name of the deck board that is fastened to the side of the house
11.a table saw cutting blade for making channels
14.holds the vinyl siding where it meets the bottom of windows and roof overhang
17.3,4,5 traingle means the building is
18.A manufactured roof system component
20.a roof design type where the inside slopes but less pitch than the outside
23.The acronym used to identify concrete blocks
25.the main purpose of the paper on fiberglass insulation
26.A saw used to make angle cuts
28.Also known as joint compound
29.responsible for designing the structural components of a building
30.Trim along the bottom of an interior wall
33.the number stamped on rebar is determined by the diameter in __________ of an inch
34.The maximum allowed inches between railing balusters
35.Solid blocking or
36.the metal piece that is applied to the outside corners when sheetrocking walls
39.the construction documents that describe the materials and methods
40.the reaction that is caused when water is added to concrete mix
42.a tool used to cut fancy edges on wood
45.responsible for design the useability, looks, and code compliance of a building project
47.the material fastened to the inside of stud walls to give it the surface
48.The board that makes the steps
49.the vinyl exterior trim piece that goes around windos and doors
50.the lead carpenter on residential construction sites

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