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LOOK SHARP Making Your Appearance Work for You at Work

Opelika Career Center

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4.Nonverbal communication sends message about you and the
5.During the summer, dress lightly but
9.People who are nicely dressed without too much flash
12.Most obvious piece of appearance and most expensive
14.People who generally wear clothes that are clean and well suited to the job
18.Wearing a uniform, shopping thrift shops, buying out-of season and buying classics are ways to shop with
20.Differences due to individuality, religion or ethnic background
22."Get off on the right foot" by determing the company's
25.Companies have different types of work and different types of
26.Example of nonverbal information/communication
27.A form of nonverbal communication
30.When you are __________ appropriately you feel confident
31.Can make or break a job opportunity
1.Sort of clothing representing the individual is fun-loving
2.In the American workplace, this is not expected nor desired
3.Clothes designed for sports, beaches, and fancy parties are not sutiable for
6.Customers that make businesses stay in business for a long time
7.Stays in people's minds and affects the way others think of you
8.Avoid dressing up your uniform with a lot of accessories and
10.If your employer requires this, wear it every time you go to work
11.Tank tops, torn garments, sexually revealing clothes are all examples of __________ clothing
13.Obvious body piercing and tattooes are still
15.Mustaches and beards should be clean and well
16.Comfortable shoes make sense, but not
17.If you do not look clean, you are not
19.Always keep your hair clean and
21.The creator of presentation
23.I spend most of my time on my hair, and it's still dirty... reflects hair that has excessive gel or
24.Our strongest and most honest communication
28.In all cases, the main objective in the "Look Sharp" booklet is being
29.Shows the LEAST tolerant of personal differences

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